waiVSCode Installation Instructions

[ Step 1 ]

1. Click [ Download Trial waiVSCode ] button in UITOOL to download VSIX format waiVSCode.

[ Step 2 ]

1. Run VSCode and select the 'View - Command Palette..' menu or enter 'Ctrl+Shift+P' to open the Command window.
2. Enter 'vsix' in the Command window and select 'Extensions: install from VSIX...'.
3. Select and install the downloaded wai-vscode-x.x.x.vsix file.

[ Step 3 ]

1. When the installation is complete, you can check that Wai vscode is installed in Extensions, and you can either Disable or Uninstall.

[ Step 4 ]

1. Right-click on the current working folder or a specific folder and select the 'Create Wai Project' menu to select the folder to be the web root.
2. A folder called 'wai' is created under the selected folder, and the Y[wai] component can be used in HTML under the selected folder.

[ Step 5 ]

1. If you select a specific folder and select New Wai Html File from the right-click menu and enter a file name, an empty HTML file in the basic Y[wai] format is created.
(The 'wai' folder is a Solution folder, so do not select the wai folder.)

[ Step 6 ]

1. Open the right-click menu on the html created as New Wai Html File and select 'Open Wai Designer'.
2. In the case of html that is not created with New Wai Html File, the Y[wai] component cannot be used because wai.js is not added, so the script is Please add arbitrarily or create an HTML file with New Wai Html File.

[ Step 7 ]

1. When opening wai html designer with 'Open Wai Designer', if there is no .js file with the same file name as the html name, a .js file is automatically created.
2. Even if there is no script connection in HTML, when wai.js is loaded, it automatically connects (loads) the js file with the same name as the corresponding html.

[ Step 8 ]

1. In Wai HTML Designer, basic HTML, HTML5 tags and Y[wai] components can be edited in WYSIWYG format.
2. Changes are automatically applied to the corresponding HTML file and JS.

End of guide