waiDoc e-Form Demo

    Demo Manual in PDF
    This page is for demonstration of waiDoc products.

    The demonstration process is as follows.
    step 1. Click the [waiDoc Editor Open & Send e-mail] button and open waiDoc Editor.
    step 2. Select the form(pdf file) you want to open in waiDoc Editor.
    step 3. When the form is opened in the waiDoc Editor, place the component you want in the area where the document needs to be created.
    step 4. If you finish editing in waiDoc Editor, eForm will be sent after entering e-mail through the [Send] button.
    step 5. Check the e-mail you sent. Then open the eForm file and enter the information in the required fields.
    step 6. Click the [Return] button on the right side of the eForm screen to send it to the uitool demo page.
    step 7. Click the [List of received documents written on e-form] button to check the list of received files.
    step 8. Click show button of the list. You can check received images and information.

    Version: v1.0.0
    Released: July 1, 2019